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David Skinner is a 22 year old Folk/Blues Singer/Songwriter living in Cork,
Ireland. Known for his ability to create a full band sound with just his guitar,
along with his deep soulful voice. His performances are those of a true
veteran. David specializes in alternative methods of guitar playing. Such as
fingerstyle, fingerpicking and percussive guitar. With his influences ranging
from Jerry Reed to B.B. King. His performances are truly unique, described  
as "somewhere between the snappy guitar playing of Tommy Emmanuel and
the gritty reality of Tom Waits, with just enough  Arlo Guthrie style story
telling thrown in"

His Debut album, 'Real' is a collection of all original music. The songs are
made up of blazing guitar work, seedy laments and drunken lullabies.

Get your copy on CD or digital download
on Bandcamp December 2016!